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Junior School Library: Student Book Clubs

Student Book Clubs

Book Club Permission Form

Obtaining titles for book club

Students in our book clubs are expected to obtain their copy of the selected title either from the Carnegie Library System or from a bookseller.  To find a title in the Carnegie system, use the following link and search by title using the catalog option:

Even if your local library doesn't have a copy, they can obtain one from another library for you. 


Book Club Selections

4th Grade Book Club News

Our first book club was wonderful!  We enjoyed a lively discussion and shared our favorite books from the list in the back of The Losers Club.

We voted on our next book from a ballot of three (see below) and the following book won by one vote. 

Students will meet during the first week of December.

Fourth Grade Book Club Titles On Our First Ballot


Fifth Grade Book Club Selection

Fifth graders have cast their ballots for the first book club title and the winner is - The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.  Or first meeting will be on Wednesday, November 14th, during recess and lunch times.  Students are expected to obtain a copy of the book and read it thoughtfully and thoroughly for the day of the club meeting.  Students will answer one or two comprehension questions at the start of our meeting and are expected to participate in our enthused discussion.

Fifth Grade Book Club Ballots

This month's title selections for our 5th grade book club can be found using the subject heading 'Adventures and adventurers'.  Join the book club and the children in these books for an adventure!