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Junior School Library: For Parents Who Love Reading with their Children

Welcome to the Parent Page

The Junior School Library has recently switched from a Teacher Page to a Library Resource Page.  This change has given the four Academy libraries a more consistent venue for information.  This tab contains resources on reading, the birthday book donation program, and other library related events that impact our families.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Birthday Book Donation Program


The Birthday Book Donation Program has been a Shady Side Academy Junior School tradition for over 40 years.  It is an optional program that allows parents to choose a book from a list of shelf-ready books in honor of their child's birthday.  A special bookplate commemorating this gift is placed in the book, the child's picture is displayed in the library with this book, and, or course, they are the first to borrow the book.

If you would like to particpate in this program, click on the box heading BIRTHDAY BOOK DONATION FORM

Galleries of the available books can be seen in the boxes below.

Birthday Book Picture Book Options

Birthday Book Chapter Book Options

Birthday Book Non-fiction Options

Parents and Children Reading Together

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media provides educators and parents with a tool to help them learn about the media - books, movies, games, etc. - that their children may be consuming.  The intent is to provide an unbiased evaluation given children's ages and the overall quality, general content, themes, and depictions of characters in the specific media.


PBS provides resources for educators and parents.

It also provides educational games, within the context of its media products, for children.

The Gift of Reading

While September is National Library Card month, any day is the right day to get your child a public library card.

The following link provides information on obtaining a card

Public libraries enable your child to apply their understanding of book selection and book organization to a larger collection. 

Public libraries present an opportunity for you to share in the library experience with your child as well.