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Digital Citizenship: Home

Accessing the Digital Citizenship Google Doc

Each group will collaborate on ONE Google Document. Follow the directions to create your copy. 


1. Elect 1 team member to make a copy of the document. 

2. This team member should click on the link below, and make a copy with the title "Group member last names 2016 Digital Citizenship." 

3. Share the document with each group member and Mrs. Myers

4. Begin reading the article and working on your project!

Click below to access the Google Document for this project. 

PSA Project Rubric

This is the rubric which will be used to grade your group project. Please refer to it periodically as you complete your assignment.


Rubric for PSA Project:


Point Value

Digital Citizenship Google Doc includes completed 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship chart as well as answers to the questions listed below the chart.


Digital Citizenship Google Doc includes 2 articles from the New York Times, with completed summaries and citations.


Digital Citizenship Google Doc includes a completed Storyboard,  which illustrates specific images as well as dialogue and/or details for each scene in the PSA.


Link to YouTube video was provided in the appropriate space on the Google Document.


PSA is directly related to the assigned topic, and is no longer than 60 seconds in length.


New York Times Access

You will be using the New York Times website to locate articles that relate to your topic, and to assist you with creating your PSA. 

You should all have a New York Times login. If you have not created an account, please click on the link above and go through the steps to create your account.