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Shady Side Academy
Junior School Library
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Library staff:

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Databases - remote access requires password bookmark available from library. Power Kids can be accessed using your Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card.

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Library Class Schedule

Library Borrowing

All classes come to the library for a lesson, story, book or library related activity, and borrowing.  

Prekindergarten students have a story time and borrow books once a month for their classroom with their fourth grade library buddies.

Kindergarten students have class on Day 7 and borrow books on Day 1.  Books are by or before Day 1.

First grade has library on Day 2.  Books are due by or before that day.

Second, third, fourth, and fifth grades have library twice a cycle.  Once for a regular library class and the second for a conference time.  Conference times provide a quiet reading period during which both the librarian and classroom teacher conference with students about their reading lives and their reading logs.  

Second grade library books are due by or before Day 5 for Mrs. Litster and Day 6 for Ms. Riscili.

Third grade library books are due by or before Day 3.

Fourth grade library books are due every other Day 7.

Fifth grade library books are due according to the due date card within the book.

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Books to Movies

I'm looking forward to this upcoming movie based on Kipling's classic, The Jungle Book, but parents need to be advised that it has received a PG-13 rating ..  The library has a beautiful version of the Jungle Book with illustrations by Nicola Bayley appropriate for independent readers or a shared family read-aloud.  While the book does have scenes that depict the dangers of the natural world, the violence is not graphic or detailed.  Commonsense Media, my go-to for another opinion on suitability of media for children, lauds the books positive messages and positive role-models.  The upcoming film has not yet been rated by Commonsense Media, but the Disney version is marked as okay for younger children