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U.S. History Paper: Step Two: Information Seeking Strategies

Essential Questions

  • Do I know what options are available to me with regards to finding print and electronic resources?

  • What is an academic journal? How will reviewing these types of documents assist with my research?

Key Terms

Term Definition
Abstract Basic summary of an article and overview of research; these are for many academic journals, and are helpful to start with to find out if the article is related to your research topic. 
Academic Journal Analysis and thoroughly researched articles on specific topics by scholars in the field of study. They should be used for in-depth research, to support your own arguments and assist with defining your argument.
Primary Source These are sources written, shared or recorded during a specific time period. They can include interviews, diaries, journals, newspaper articles, magazine articles, photographs, statistics. Primary sources can be located in many different types of sources, including eBooks, databases, websites, etc. 
Library Database This resource provides access to numerous types of sources, including reference materials, academic journals, newspaper articles, primary sources, etc. They should always be accessed first before accessing basic websites. 
Library Of Congress This is a valuable source for archival material from many periods of American history. This source should be consulted to locate a variety of primary sources.


Types of Sources

 From the University of Houston Library:


Know Your Sources

Think you know your sources? Take this quiz to find out!