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Problems in World History: Africa Essay: Step One: Task Definition

Essential Questions

Questions to answer in this step:

  • What area do I want to focus on for my research?

  • How can I narrow down the general question to create a more manageable research topic?

  • What do I already know about my topic, and what do I still need to learn?

Ms. Boehm's Classes: 

Click HERE to access the Google Document for Step I. 

Brainstorming Tutorial

Brainstorming Help!

  • Review/reread the section in your textbook and handouts about your chosen region.

  • Access an encyclopedia article from Encyclopedia Britannica about your region.

  • Check out the "Animated Slave Trade in Two Minutes" article from Slate.

  • List some driving questions that will assist you in your research when narrowing down a topic

Regions of Africa


See your classroom teacher or librarian if you have questions! We are here to help.