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Below are the topics for the PSAs. There is one article linked for each topic. Please read and discuss the article associated with your topic with your group. You may use information from this article in your PSA.

*Mrs. Myers will assign each group a PSA topic. Please record the topic on your group's Google Document








PSA Project Rubric

This is the rubric which will be used to grade your group project. Please refer to it periodically as you complete your assignment.


Rubric for PSA Project:


Point Value

Digital Citizenship Google Doc includes completed answers to questions related to PSA example video.


Digital Citizenship Google Doc includes references for three articles (including the one provided by Mrs. Myers) from the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, or Power Library's Gale News Database, with completed facts and citations.


Digital Citizenship Google Doc includes a completed Storyboard,  which illustrates specific images as well as dialogue and/or details for each scene in the PSA.


Video or Powtoon link was submitted via the Google Form.


PSA is directly related to the assigned topic, and is no longer than 90 seconds in length.


Research Options

Remote Database Access

Database Passwords


Please click HERE to access the usernames and passwords for our databases.

**NOTE: You must be signed in to your SSA email and password to access the Google Document- if you receive an error message, please sign out of your personal email and sign in using your SSA email address. 

The following databases are NOT available off-campus: 

  • Science Magazine