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Types of Resources

Type of Resource Description Where to locate
Scientific Research Journal Article These are articles and research located in academic scientific journals that are published by universities or major research institutions. They are written by scientists working in the field, and can contain very specific and detailed scientific information. They have been peer-reviewed and edited, and are very reliable. They list their sources, which can be uses for further research. Scholarly Journals in various databases; see resources below
Popular Scientific Research Article These are articles written for popular science magazines, like Scientific American, and its family of publications, etc. They are not necessarily written by scientists in the field, and are sometimes just reporting on scientific events and progress. They do not usually include extensive citations, and are not edited by experts.  Gale Science in Context, some in EbscoHost
News and Event Articles These are reports and brief summaries of scientific events or research; they are not useful to learn in-depth information. They are written with the general public in mind.  Any newspaper like the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. They are also in Gale Science in Context, as well as the news databases in EbscoHost


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Popular News Sources

Accessing Carnegie Library Databases

The Carnegie Library has numerous resources that are available from home, and some that are available only at the library. Watch the video below to learn how to access the databases which will be most useful for this project. 

SSA Library Databases

Open Source Journal Access

The sites linked below lead to journals that are open access, meaning that you do not need to subscribe to the journal OR pay a few to read the article.