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The Mythology of Constellations Project Resources: Research Resources

Project Guidelines

Constellation Mini-Project

Due:  Friday, Sept 16

In Library for Research:  Monday, Sept 12 & Tuesday, Sept 13

You will research one of the following constellations and prepare a presentation (circle the one you are assigned): 

* Lyra (harp)                                          * Orion (hunter)                             

* Sagittarius (archer, teapot)                   * Cygnus (swan, northern cross)

* Bootes (herdsman)                              * Gemini (twins)                  

* Ursa Major (big bear, big dipper)            * Ursa Minor (little bear, little dipper)

* Auriga (the charioteer)                          *  Pegasus (the winged horse)

* Leo (lion, sickle)                                  * Taurus (bull)

For your constellation:

  • What time and where to look to see your constellation at this time of year. 
  • Research the mythology behind the name of the asterism
  • Features of interest of the constellation – i.e. notable bright stars, planets currently in this constellation, deep sky objects found in the constellation (galaxy, globular cluster, open cluster, binary star system, variable star, planetary nebula) 

You will be constructing a 3-D model of your constellation and making a short (~3-5 minute) video explaining the above information on your constellation.  Ms. Bobek will show you how to build the model in class, and Mrs. Myers will show you how to make and upload your video. 

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