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Colonialism in Africa: Creating an Outline

Essential Questions

Step 4: Use of Information

Questions to focus on in this step:

  • How can I take the information and evidence I collected in my notes and create a coherent outline?

  • Does the evidence I collected in the previous step answer my driving questions?

Creating an Outline: Review with Purdue!

Tips to assist with your Outline!

Follow these tips to help as you work on your outline: 

  • Review the notes you have taken from sources, and make sure to organize them by topic- this will assist you in creating the different sections for your outline 
  • Take your outline to your teacher, librarian, or a scribe to review. Make sure to do this at least 2-3 days prior to the day that your outline is due, so that you can receive constructive feedback
  • Cite ALL of your sources in your outline- paraphrases, quotes, etc. This will greatly assist you when you begin writing your final draft

Harvard Writing Center: Outline Help