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Health Drugs Project: Website Resources

Approved Websites


BEFORE YOU GOOGLE please use the following reliable and credible resources:

Sources from Websites

Because there is so much false information shared on the Internet, you MUST be very careful about what sources you decide to use, especially with regards to drugs and alcohol. Employ the chart below to ensure that the source you have located is accurate and reliable, and ask Mrs. Myers or your teacher if you have any questions about the validity of a source. Use the pre-approved websites linked below BEFORE you perform a search on Google! Google is not focused on bringing you accurate results. Read this article to find out more: "Google's search algorithm udpate unintentionally helps fake news outrank real news."

How to spot Fake News

What makes a story fake news?

Locating Images

All images are CONTENT, so you must cite them as well!  The best option is to use copyright free images, so that you know that the images are free to use or share, or images that are in the Creative Commons. Watch the video below to learn more about the Creative Commons, and use the image links FIRST before you use Google Images.

Evaluating Websites

Evaluation Topic
Questions to Consider
  • Look for an About Us page.  What type of information is listed here?

  • Is there an author for the article or site listed? Who is the author? If not, what organization sponsors the site?

  • Does the author or organization share contact information?

  • What credentials does the author or organization share that makes them qualified to share information about the topic?

  • Does the author or organization use correct grammar, punctuation, and clearly understandable language?

  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Is there a specific mission statement listed on the About Us page or somewhere else on the site?

  • Does the site seem to be supporting one viewpoint over another?

  • Is the site trying to persuade you towards a particular ideal?

  • Are there a lot of advertisements on the site, and if so what are the ads for?
  • When was the website last updated?

  • If you are viewing an article, what is the date on the article?

  • Do all of the links work on the site, or are most of the links broken or unavailable?

  • How important is the currency of the information for the project you are researching?
  • Does the author or website state where they found their information, or how they went about locating the information?

  • Are there links provided to outside sites or resources? Are these resources trustworthy?