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Patterns: Breaking Christendom Essay: Citation Resources

Chicago Style of Citation Guides

Citing Primary Source Documents

To site a primary source found online, you must know the following*: 

  • Author or creator of the source
  • Title of the source
  • Format of the source- is it a pamphlet, government publication, image
  • Date the source was originally published
  • Site/Resource where you located the primary document
  • Name of the collection where you found the source
  • Medium (if known)
  • URL
  • Date Accessed


For example, a resource found on the Avalon Project from Yale University would have the following Bibliographic citation format: 

Mathius, T.R. The Grounds of an Opinion on the Policy of Restricting the Importation of Foreign Corn: intended as an Appendix to "Observations on the Corn Law. London: John Murray, Albermarle Street, and J. Johnson and Co.,1815. From The Avalon Project, Yale Law School. 19th Century Documents, 1800-1899. (accessed October 10, 2016). 

**These guidelines are available from the Library of Congress website on citing primary sources. 



Accessing Noodletools


Every student has access to a Noodletools account, that assists with collecting resources, creating bibliographies, and designing outlines. For more information and video tutorials, go to the Research Assistance tab on this page.

Click HERE for a tutorial and guide for signing up for a Noodletools account. Email Mrs. Myers with any questions