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Patterns: Breaking Christendom Essay: The Research Process

The Research Process

Step One: Task Definition

Defining Keywords 

Before you begin searching, you should make a list of KEYWORDS- terms that will be used in the search box of the databases or news outlet websites. Many times, you will need to perform multiple searches and use multiple keywords to result in a variety of sources. Remember, the more sources the better! Complete the activities below. 

Part I. Create a Brainstorming Map to develop a list of keywords

Using a piece of paper or a website like, create a map of key terms related to your topic. 

Part 2: Develop synonyms/related terms list for your keywords

You might need to expand on some terms in order to search for your topic and find a variety of resources. 

Example Synonyms/Related Terms and Phrases Chart

Term  Alternate Term or Phrase
Revolutionary Thought Revolutionary Ideals in Christianity
Reformation Reform of Christian Church
Martin Luther Reformation Revolutionary Christians