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Patterns- Salon Project: Step One: Background Research

Beginning to understand your philospher

Before you can begin developing your answers to the questions on your project guidelines, you must understand more about the life of your philosopher and his/her specific philosophy of life. 

Encyclopedias are the best resources for getting background and general information on the philosophers. Please use the links on this page to begin your research. As you read, take notes on the following questions:

  • What years did your philosopher live?
  • Where he/she primarily live?
  • What nationality/ethnicity is the philosopher? What culture did he/she identify with?
  • What importance concepts and philosophies are highlighted by your philosopher?
  • What are the names of their most important and influential written works? 
  • Are there any major life events that might have affected your philosopher's outlook on life? Any major events in his/her city/state/country?
  • Did your philosopher engage or meet with other philosophers in the time period? Did they have any public fights or disagreements with other philosophers? 

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