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Patterns- Salon Project: Step Three: In-Depth Resarch

Step Three: In-Depth Research

Now, it is time to look and read over for the following types of information: 

  • Primary Documents- famous works by the philosopher, letters written to other philosophers, etc.
  • Secondary analysis of your philosopher's works by historians and scholars

You will find these types of information in: 

  • Library Books
    • a cart of books have been pulled for this project. Some books are by the philosophers, other books are secondary analysis and historical studies of the philosopher. Check out the cart, and feel free to search our catalog for more books!
  • Google Books
    • most of the works will be in the Public Domain, meaning they are free to read online
  • Academic Journals
    • these resources can be found in EbscoHost, JSTOR, and Gale World History
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    • Another great resource for primary documents


Primary Sources for Document Analysis

Library Resources

Approved Websites