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Race Video Project: Video Creation Resources

Template for Outline and Storyboard

Filming Tips

Tips for Filming and Taking Photos for PSA: 

  • Identify the shots that you need

  • Create a shot lists and always should extras

  • Shoot in horizontal format

  • Vary the types of shots

    • Long Shots versus short, etc

Scriptwriting Tips

Scriptwriting Tips

1. Scripts are meant to be heard - not read.
2. Start by telling the story aloud.
3. Let the images do some of the talking.
4. Pauses are natural and effective.
5. Dangling phrases are part of speaking.
6. Consider all of the story elements - the images, sound effects, music, narration, dialogue, and text slides

The Script Process

1. Develop the creative treatment - let it ferment.
2. Research the topic.
3. Start by telling the story aloud.
4. Write the first draft.
5. Identify the images.
6. Revise the script.
7. Add music and sound effect components.

FROM Matt Dancho, A Digital Story, 2017

Video Editing Options

Copyright Free Images and Music Links

Locating Copyright Free Materials: 

Remember that you should use images and music that is copyright free. Use the links below for free music and images!

What is the Creative Commons?