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Final Essay Guide: Problems in World History: Step Four: Use of Information

Essential Questions

Step 4: Use of Information

Questions to focus on in this step:

  • How can I take the information and evidence I collected in my notes and create a coherent outline?

  • Does the evidence I collected in the previous step answer my driving questions?

Creating an Outline: Review your resources!

Remember that your Skills Book from the SSA History Department, as well as the Pocket Guide to Writing History are wonderful resources to guide you in writing your outline. Keep both close at hand while you work!!

Tips to assist with your Outline!

Follow these tips to help as you work on your outline: 

  • Review the notes you have taken from sources, and make sure to organize them by topic- this will assist you in creating the different sections for your outline 
  • Take your outline to your teacher, librarian, or a scribe to review. Make sure to do this at least 2-3 days prior to the day that your outline is due, so that you can receive constructive feedback
  • Cite ALL of your sources in your outline- paraphrases, quotes, etc. This will greatly assist you when you begin writing your final draft

Harvard Writing Center: Outline Help