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Evaluating Websites: Fake News vs. Real News: Real or Fake? You Decide!

Real or Fake

Article 1

Read this article from ABC News, and then answer the following questions.

"Michael Jordan To North Carolina: ‘HB2 Goes Or The Charlotte Hornets Go’" 


  1. Have you heard of this website/news outlet before? 
  2. Do you think that this website/news outlet is a reliable source? 
  3. Who is the author? Does he/she have a credible background? 
  4. What is the content?

Article 2

Read the article below from, and answer the following questions.

"Iowa's Parental Fitness Initiative Panned by Residents"

1. Do you think this is a credible site?  Why or why not?

2.  Can you find any articles to collaborate this information?   Are those websites credible?

3. Who is the publisher of this Website?