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Evaluating Websites: Fake News vs. Real News: Evaluation Resources

Fake News Lessons and Worksheets

Fearless Fact-Finding A list of resources to help you find the facts.

Resources to share with Students


Currency - When was the information published and updated?

Relevance - Why is this information important to your topic?

Authority - Who is the author/publisher of this information?

Accuracy - Where does the information come from? 

Purpose - What is the purpose of the information?


CRAAP test Worksheet from Juniata College

Domain Names

Domain suffixes help you evaluate a website. 

.edu - educational institution  / Caution - Can be student originated material if it has tilda ~

.mil - military

.net - network, a variety of sites have this domain

.org - traditionally a non-profit organization

.com - commercial site, usually with the purpose to persuade or sell

Suffixes can also denote geographic origin .au - Australia


If in doubt as to the owner of a domain name, you can search the site on

This site provides information about the owners of registered domain names.  

When in Doubt...

Ask your Librarian!  

Lindsey Myers, Senior School

Mary Guering, Middle School