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Library Lesson #1 - Bias in Websites





Websites to Evaluate




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Live Binder Websites

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P.I.E.S.  – What is the Intent of the author or publisher?

Persuade – Some websites may want to persuade you to think or behave in a certain way. They may not be revealing all the information on a topic.


Inform – The purpose of many websites is to inform and give information. In considering bias, you need to ask is the information accurate, does it cite facts or opinions. Often websites on controversial topics will have a bias. The information may only support one side of an issue.


Entertain – There are sites whose purpose it is to entertain.

Educate -    Sites whose purpose is to educate.  Look for .edu, .gov, and other credible news and scholarly sources.


Sell - It would be common to see bias on websites that want to Sell you something, it’s their job to convince you that their product is better than others.


Remember - If you are concerned of potential bias in a website, evaluate the article (5 W's) and  compare it to other information to formulate your own opinion and decisions.

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